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Artist: Skyland Lexington
Genre: Hard Rock

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LookingForASong Feb. 17, 2012 19:10
Hi Skyland Lexington! Your video, AtmosFEAR!, has been featured on The Indie's Facebook and Google+ pages today ( Please check it out and share! Can't wait to see more!!!

Skyland Lexington

Group Name Skyland Lexington 
Genre Hip-Hop 
Home Town Future Rapids, Michigan
Influenced By Nutrol2 
Record Label  
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  Song Title Genre
play Addicted 2 Abstract Hip-Hop ShareAdd
play AtmosFEAR! Hip-Hop ShareAdd
play Dreaming of a Beauty Hip-Hop ShareAdd
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Skyland Le...

Skyland Le...

Artist Bio

Skyland Lexington is the lead vocalist for the hit virtual band "The Abstractz" he's 21 years old tall n slim. Skyland comes from Future Rapids where he resides til this day. He hopes to bring uniqueness n the essence back to the satuarated music scene that has been taking over by pop culture. He is addicted to high price sneakers and keyboards which also gives him power to fight the top major record labels A&R's that want him to give up his original sound for pop culture radio songs that will control the masses. Skyland hopes to save his city from becoming brainwashed with bullshit radio songs by releasing his new series of albums named "Skyland Lexington Chronicles". So stay tuned to see what Skyland has in store for the future...Sky is the limit!
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