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Artist: Chad Price
Genre: Pop

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godstime Jan. 03, 2013 00:29
Hello Dear, I am linda 24 years old .and I see your profile today in this place ** and i became interested in you, and i have somthing in important to discuss with you this is my e-mail (
LookingForASong Mar. 12, 2012 17:32
Hi Chad, your song, Another Day, has been featured on The Indie's Facebook page (! Please check it out and share :)

Chad Price

Group Name Chad Price 
Genre Pop 
Home Town London, Canada
Influenced By everything 
Record Label Independent (Universal/Interscope Distribution) 
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I Won't Give...
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Another Day
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In This Drea...
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Chad Price

Chad Price

Chad Price

Artist Bio

Chad Price can be best described in few words; talented, humble, charming, fearless… All of these accurately represent this young musician who is quietly on the brink of something special. The “talented” part is obvious without him even having to open his mouth. His abilities with an acoustic guitar alone are difficult to go unnoticed. Throw in his relaxed, soul-tinged vocals and captivating lyrical style and you have a unique, entertaining and interesting young musical talent, as is displayed on his debut album In This Dream. The twenty-six year old singer-songwriter has made the pop-rock genre his own by adding a heavy dose of smooth, acoustic based soul to it. “I just want to make music that’s honest and real”, explains Chad. He is an artist who knows his music and who has a clear vision of where he wants it to go: “When I connect with people at my shows, I see the sincerity and passion that I put into my songs resonating with people. I think it’s allowing folks to connect with my music on a higher level than just another mindless, everyday pop song”. Chad’s aim is to make music that is good for the mind, heart and soul and that translates in a live setting just as well as it does on the album. According to Kassandra Rudder of Localiez Magazine, his music does just that: “Forget about dreaming, the truth is Chad Price is here to stay…Anyone who has the pleasure of seeing him live is in for a real treat; chills and goose bumps included, free of charge” (Localiez, March/April 2012, 35). Chad recorded In This Dream in the spring of 2011 with acclaimed music producer Bill Bell (Jason Mraz, Justin Nozuka, Tom Cochrane, etc) in both Toronto and Los Angeles. Some of the most respected session musicians in the music industry teamed up to lend their talents to this energetic and edgy debut record that credits such acclaimed musicians as Pat Kilbride (Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson), Lyle Molzan (Jann Arden, Terri Clark, Kathleen Edwards), Ron Lopata (Jacksoul, Ron Sexsmith, Ashley MacIsaac), Kevin Fox (Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Raine Maida, Chantal Kreviazuk), Dan Lavery (The Fray, Tonic), Pete Maloney (Dishwalla), and Diego Las Heras (Justin Nozuka). Since recording the album, Chad has played an endless amount of live shows, festivals, and tours with the likes of Walk Off The Earth, Paper Lions, and Darrelle London to name a few. The album showcases a blending of Chad’s early musical influences including elements of acoustic soul, pop-rock, and a hint of country. “I loved the process of seeing these quiet, simple acoustic songs that I wrote mainly in a tiny University dorm room transform into these big, dynamic and animated musical creations in the studio”, explains Chad. “Although there is something to be said about playing the songs on the album acoustically as well, I love the power and the presence of the music with the full band on the record and live. The songs feel like a finished statement now and in the end, it’s a loud, energetic and charismatic album that I believe people can really dig into and appreciate on more than one level”. The ‘feel-good’ first single “Another Day” is continuing to gain momentum on HOT AC Canadian and U.S. radio airwaves. The full album, distributed with Universal Music/Interscope, is turning heads in the music industry and beyond as shown by the inclusion of Chad’s song “Where the Stars Come Out” in CTV’s/TSN’s broadcast of the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Chad is currently performing live shows across Canada teaming up with many very talented acts while getting rave reviews along the way: “His musical talent is easily recognizable, and when true talent is before you, it is difficult to deny…Chad Price is unique, inspiring, and quite refreshing, and this is only the beginning for this up and coming talent” (Rudder/Localiez Magazine).
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