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Artist: Shortbread
Genre: Rock

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LookingForASong Feb. 15, 2012 18:07
Hi Shortbread! Your profile and photos have been featured on The Indie's Facebook and Google+ pages ( Please check it out and share!! Cheers!


Group Name Shortbread 
Genre Rock 
Home Town Phladelphia, Pennsylvania
Influenced By Awesomeness 
Manager Ryan Farragut 
Record Label Red Room  
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Artist Bio

Pay attention - because this ain’t your grandmother’s secret recipe for those sweet little cookies you always loved to eat. No, this is something much more entertaining, much louder and much more addicting. Formed from the concept of genre crossing rock and roll, this recipe consists of 1/3 pop, 1/3 rock and 1/3 modern art with the end result being a mountain of noise amazingly built from the sizzle of three wickedly manipulated instruments and the vocals of a renegade yodeler. With hooks as big as the sky sonically raining on your ears like a locust swarm, Shortbread’s songs will enter your brain & collapse the infrastructure of any pesky inhibitions you may be saving for your next picnic or tea party. Leaving you with no choice but to enjoy the fruit of life, Shortbread will make a heathen of you and you will most assuredly want to savor the taste.
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