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Artist: Wideboy Generation
Genre: Rock

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LookingForASong Mar. 23, 2012 18:00
Hello, hello! Your music video, Sylvia, has been featured on The Indie's Facebook and Google+ pages. (http://www.facebook.com/TheIndieBiz) Please check it out and share with your fans!!!
LookingForASong Feb. 01, 2012 18:59
Hi Wideboy Generation, your profile and photos have been featured on The Indie's Facebook and Google+ pages. (http://www.facebook.com/TheIndieBiz) I hope you will check it out and share! Can't wait to hear more!!

Wideboy Generation

Group Name Wideboy Generation 
Genre Rock 
Home Town London, United Kingdom
Website http://www.wideboygeneration.com
Influenced By The Who, Green Day, AC DC and many more 
Record Label Unsigned 
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Wideboy Ge...

Artist Bio

Wideboy Generation are Joe (vocals/guitar), Aid (bass/vocals) and Jamie (drums). They're 19, from the North London (UK) suburbs and have rocked over 150 live gigs in the past 12 months at time of writing (January 2012). WBG write their own songs. They're red-blooded rock 'n' rollers. They've also packed in working on building sites to record with music industry legend John Cornfield (Stone Roses, Oasis, Cast, Muse, The Verve) and they're about to hit 2012 with the full force of unbridled British youth at play. New single Looters is out NOW (7 January 2012) and available to download FREE - you can also check out the AWESOME new video featuring exclusive coverage from London's recent riots. Looters is the first single from WBG's forthcoming album out this summer 2012 - for a further taste of the boys' material check the music section of the website at www.wideboygeneration.com. www.facebook.com/wideboygenerationuk
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