Foolish Girl

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Artist: Skii
Genre: Fusion

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LookingForASong Jun. 20, 2012 19:48
Hi Skii! Your profile and photos have been featured on The Indie's Facebook and Google+ pages ( Please check it out and share with your fans!
LookingForASong Feb. 10, 2012 20:37
Hi Skii! Your video, Foolish Girl, has been featured on today's Music Video Friday! Check it out on Facebook ( and share with all your friends and fans!! :)


Group Name Skii 
Genre Soul 
Home Town Sydney, Australia
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Tell Me
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Foolish Girl
by Skii
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Artist Bio

Skii Harvey has been a life long singer/songwriter. Her memories are of huddling over an old upright piano squeezed into her mother’s small semi in Redfern where their tiny porch had been converted into a makeshift bedroom. Like many artists she worked a couple of jobs by day and the gig circuit by night. It is an existence sustained only by passion and the love of music. Her voice has stopped the likes of Sting and Ricky May in their tracks but it is her song writing that she holds most dear. Her song writing has also raised many an eyebrow as she has recently been recognised by the Billboard music awards, the UK songwriting awards and as a producer’s choice in the LA music awards. However, Skii will tell you that she writes because she has to write. She believes the music is a gift that comes through her and not from her and to complete a piece of music is to reach pure happiness. She describes her music as story telling. They are stories of what she knows and what she dreams. Today she has taken a hiatus from the stage and has been busy in the studio. Her second album “foolish girl” is a true journey, a journey in music and the story of a journey in life. The title is named after one of her tracks. It refers to how when you look back and see the roads you could have taken or when you find yourself stepping onto the wrong path, you are immediately exposed for the girl that you are inside. However, Skii describes those steps, the wrong ones, that although foolish are the stepping stones to the woman she has become.
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