Prince Jamir is an R&B star in the making

Prince Jamir

Prince Jamir
Making it as an R&B artist is a very difficult. However, with the right opportunity, the next R&B sensation may very well be Brooklyn’s own Prince Jamir. Jamir mixes Hip Hop and Soulful R&B music like no other male R&B artist I’ve seen in a while. Jamir’s style and vocal range reminds me of a young Donell Jones, or Musiq Soulchild, because of the way he combines various genres that creates musical experiences for his listeners. As Jamir continues to develop his artistry, he could very well follow in the footsteps fo the aforementioned artists.



His single, “Real Good Thang,” is the latest offering from Prince Jamir, and I am firm believer in the track and in his talents as a singer, and songwriter. From the moment the track begins, you’re enveloped into a groove that forces you to move. For me, the song reminds me of Musiq Soulchild’s single “Buddy,” but with a lighter feel and tone.


That said,  Jamir doesn’t attempt to overpower the listener with the high notes that Soulchild often does. Instead, he gives he focuses on connecting with the listener by drawing them in with a feel good song that I can hear at a summer party or BBQ.  While I’d like to have heard more from Prince Jamir, he gave us a small sample of what he can do. Along with his new single, he displayed a few videos. In a performance tribute to the Late Luther Vandross, he showed us how soulful he can be, while his music video “You Already Know,” was a feel-good song for the ladies. Although only one song was really put on display by Jamir, the talent and potential are definitely there. As long as he continues to grow, and mature in his music, the sky is the limit for this
Brooklyn Crooner.


Prince Jamir

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2 Responses

August 3rd, 2011 at 2:05 pm
#1FAN Says:

I think personally he is Amazing u have many ppl who boast and call themselves artist but for this man to show such humility and talent while still bring music that you can feel is a Beautiful thing im a very big fan i also love the fact that he can lift you with his music as well as his presence he is so true to who he is and his passion and i hope one day im half of the Human is and world get ready cause EVOLUTION is happening He is giving the world a “REAL GOOD THANG”

August 15th, 2011 at 12:07 am
Latoya Rice Says:

I belive Prince Jamir is a Star already he has touched so many people lives with his voice and being a wonderful person he is real and down to earth . he puts his all into his music and we all love what he is doing keep it up will see you on the big screen soon can not wait for that day stay blessed :-)