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Hannah Mar. 07, 2013 20:25
Hey The StoneWolf Band Just to let you know that one of your photographs has been uploaded to both our Facebook and Google + pages as a way of promoting you. Hannah

The StoneWolf Band

Group Name The StoneWolf Band 
Genre Alternative Rock 
Home Town Lisboa, Portugal
Influenced By  
Manager ThePortugalMusicScene 
Record Label  
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Gotta Bounce...
by The Ston...

"Calling My ...
by The Ston...

My Ukulele b...
by The Ston...
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play My Ukulele by The StoneWolf Band Alternative Rock ShareAdd
play Rub Up Alternative Rock ShareAdd
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The StoneW...

The StoneW...

The StoneW...

The StoneW...

Artist Bio

The StoneWolf Band were born in Lisbon, Portugal, in January of 2012, They are Mothered by Folk and Fathered by Rock, adding glimpses of Blues and Reggae in their quest to find the Groove! Launched in 2012 “THE STONEWOLF BAND”, are a result of many Genres, influences and ideas, and inspired by Rock, Blues, Surf Rock, Country, Reggae and more. Refined by a love of music and positive attitude, in a short space of time, The StoneWolf Band has already played Major events and Festivals including the MUSA Festival and Mexefest in Portugal as well as "Live From Portugal". With the recent release of their first EP entitled "Daybreak EP", The StoneWolf Band are quickly attracting a strong Fanbase and Buzz in the industry. The video for their summer single reached both top 5 on The indie as well as SAPO videos in Portugal. On December 2nd 2013 The StoneWolf Band released the first single from their debut album entitled "Gotta Bounce" which quickly started hitting radio in Portugal. Look out for the debut album coming early 2014 !!!
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