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The Indie Team Dec. 10, 2013 22:00
really like this
aquarius Aug. 12, 2013 01:36
Awesome music! I love it!

Galaxy 7

Group Name Galaxy 7 
Genre Electronic 
Home Town Tokyo, Japan
Influenced By Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Bjork, Radiohead, T-Rex, Motley Crue 
Manager Andreana M. (USA) 
Record Label BUG SCREAMING, MadSkippers, Hinode Records 
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by Galaxy 7

super explos...
by Galaxy 7
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Galaxy 7

Galaxy 7

Galaxy 7

Artist Bio

Daisuke Tsutsui (aka Galaxy 7) has worked with major record labels as a songwriter, composer, vocalist and etc… After the disbandment of his former band he then started his solo project “Galaxy 7″ in 2008. Tsutsui does songwriting, composing, arrangement, producing, programming, singing, playing instruments, and performing all by himself. His music is written under a consistent concept with catchy melodies and edgy tracks. He breaks new ground in electro-rock with music that people can sing to, dance to, and listen to therefore gaining attention from a core of fans for his world view of music like no other. Tsutsui’s unique style of DJing plus singing has successfully integrated dance music with live performance and his performances with his band have also been noted. His stage show is visually entertaining with collaborations with artists such as Kabuki actors and martial artists. He has also been drawing attention from overseas, performing as a guest artist for London’s band contest “Battle of The Bands”. He has been chosen as New Artist of 2006 for Madrid’s FM radio station “Radio Circulo (100.4 FM)”. His performance in New York and his France tour in spring of 2010 received well reputation. He was also chosen as a winner for BEST ELECTRO/DANCE SONG in AVIMA 2010 MUSIC AWARD. On April 2010, his performance at the main stage in the biggest South East Rock Festival “Java Rockin’ Land” received well reputation. He released his first album “Your Magic Doesn’t Work Anymore” in December 2010. He performed at Japan Expo Sud in Marseille (France) in February 2011. He released his second album Eye Of The Dragon Who Wished To Be A Man from Hinode Records in Europe in 2012 followed by an Autumn European tour.
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