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LookingForASong Dec. 07, 2011 18:26
"Your profile and photos have been featured on The Indie's Facebook page ( Check it out, and thanks for posting!"

Mock Sun

Group Name Mock Sun 
Genre Pop-Folk 
Home Town Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Influenced By Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Tame Impala, Puscifier, Iron & Wine 
Record Label Wide Eyed Records 
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Ear Wiz
by Mock Sun
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Mock Sun

Mock Sun

Mock Sun

Artist Bio Together, they're Mock Sun, a lucent phenomenon that occurs beside the sun. Separately, they're Jami Kali and Mark Wohl. Our musical rendezvous began one night back in 2011, when a picture hung from a nail on a living room wall asked them politely to write a song about it. The occurence of this event brought with it many sound experiments. Meanwhile, a few years passed. Countless otherworldly musical explosions went off inside basements, bedrooms, uninhabited houses, hookah lounges, jazz bars, tree-filled forests, and community art spaces. Some sounds were captured. Some released. Inside Mock Sun, Jami Kali is the blood. She turns sensation into thought into poetry into lyric. She taps the primal and lets her vocal chords take her to places only her mind's eye can see/hear/taste/touch. Mark, a self-taught musician and an autodidactic sound engineer, is the body. Every bit of Mock Sun that travels to the innermost regions of your ears leaves his brain through his hands and cycles throughout his machines first. Mock Sun, phantom of the sacred Star, shines on and spills out a luminous flux of fluctuating fantasies. Leave all personas at the door, and dig in.
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