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Dayz Rich

Group Name Dayz Rich 
Genre Hip-Hop 
Home Town Yuba City, California
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Dayz Rich

Dayz Rich

Dayz Rich

Artist Bio

My name is Dayz Rich grew up in Jersey City New Jersey homeless for awhile. Ate out of garbage cans from the train stations with my pops my brother and sister. My mom took my baby brother and left to California because she cheated on my dad. I became depressed and heart broken at 8yrs old. So I sang most of the time. so that the streets wont bother me. We did that for year until we decided to move to NorCal Yuba City California. Here I grew as person from poverty to alright living. Made music and conducted myself as a good kid. Grew up and started thinking after high-school what I wanted to do so I went to Job Corp n started making my way towards my career as a artist. Learned what I had to such as maken beats, writing music, composing music and I did that for 17 yrs. At 26 I went to the military and thats when i took my music career more serious. I got more involved into the business side of the industry and im still learning for the most part. I still need to learn. There's so much to acquire and absorb. That im willing to learn more. Now im focusing on my newest project called "Death Race" I got a single for it called "Splurging" the mixtape is being released when the projections from the single comes back. Hopefully the results will be big (GOD willing) when we release it on Friday March 29 2013. I'm really looking forward working with you and the company cause I've read and like what y'all do. And can't wait to start. Peace.
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